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As many of you know by now- it is Breast Cancer Awareness month – and here in Second Life the Blossoms of Hope Showcase is in full swing.

The Showcase features a number of top Second Life designers and all proceeds from the event go to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Second Life, an official event of the American Cancer Society.

One of the designers participating is Lunaria Eclipse and her partner Tremayne Barbosa, owners of .:: Unique Obsession ::.

In honor of the Halloween season, .:: Unique Obsession ::. has donated from the Undead Collection – Rot. As described by the creators:

They thought death was the end, the release from their less than extraordinary lives, free from the mundane and boring….

They were mistaken…

These poor unfortunate souls sadly didn’t get to stay dead. Reanimated, brought back to live, summoned, artificially animated, however you wish to describe it, they are back in the land of the living… willing.. or not… they are angry.. and they are hungry…

As a sponsor for MSABC, Unique Obsession would like to introduce its Undead Collection. These avatars, and accessories, come in 3 stages; Fresh Kill, Rot and Decay.   For MSABC we are making Rot available for this event and all sales of Rot will go to MSABC.

This full avatar includes:
*Body Shape x 2

Our avatars are perfect for any Halloween or scary setting, and for RP scenarios.

We hope you enjoy these avatars, and are carrying a bucket around when bits start to fall off ^^

uo-undead-collection-male-av-rot uo-undead-collection-female-av-rot


Female Zombie:
Complete avatar: [UO] Undead Collection Female AV – Rot, exclusive at the Blossoms of Hope Showcase, by Unique ObsessionHair: Leila- Halloween edition, by Alice Project

Male Zombie:
Complete avatar: [UO] Undead Collection Male AV – Rot, exclusive at the Blossoms of Hope Showcase, by Unique Obsession

Location: Haunted House at the Blossoms of Hope Showcase, built and designed by Pierce Designs/ Craze Companies

Windlight: Lunar Morning 7