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I love Relay For Life, just as I love all the reasons (people!) I relay for.

But being part of a 24-hour long event is rough for us non-night owl folks! This is how I felt last night when I finally went to bed: Day after Relay_001

I didn’t quite make it staying awake for the entire event- I snuck in what was supposed to be a 45 minute nap that turned into 2 hours- but I was there for most of it.

After 10 and half hours of sleep I was feeling much better, but since I didn’t have any where I HAD to be today, we opted to lounge around in our pajamas all day and watch the rain. Day after Relay_003

A very relaxing way to wind down after a super busy weekend in the virtual world of Second Life.

Of course, there is still a campsite to tear down and clean up, as well as a million other odds and ends as we reach the end of the 2016 season of Relay For Life of Second Life. But, this girl needed to take a bit of a break for today and just relax and reflect.

I hope wherever you are reading this, that you get that time as well. We all get so busy in both our real lives and online lives that even when we think we are having downtime it turns into something more.

However, that is the beauty of life- in all worlds- we can take our passions and allow ourselves to be swept away. So much so we forget that its work, it is our calling.

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.

Til next time,
Sandie ♥

What Sandie is wearing:
Pajamas: Sleepy PJ’s “Flutter” by Peponi’s
Hands & Feet: SLink
Mani & Pedi: Mauve, Tone Omni Mani & Pedi by Ever An’ Angel (no longer available)Hair: Elle – Latte by TRUTH
Lips: Tone – 2014 Lip Bloom – Peony by Ever An’ Angel (no longer available)
Eyes: Tone – Horizons – Eyes – Bali by Ever An’ Angel (no longer available)

Picture #1 pose- “Gimme Back My Hour” Pose #2, Gotcha Machine from {NanTra} Poses