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Once again I have been caught up in “other things” that have prevented me from keeping up my own blog.

I truly love being a part of the volunteer communities in Second Life, it is rewarding to know that what many consider “just a game” can create a real impact on the world our physical body is a part of.

Aside from my regular duties being a part of the Inspired Dreamwalkers RFL team in Second Life, I have also been helping with the 3rd Annual Castle, Home and Garden Contest as their PR Lead. Which is a lot easier said than done!

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activities, plus Real Life commitments – with a side of planning and packing for a Real Life move at the end of June.

But, going back to the Castle, Home and Garden Contest, this year the organizers have expanded the event to boast even more merchants than ever before. Spanning 12 sims, there is something for just about everyone- which brings me back to Wonderland.

One of the talented designers who participated as a merchant for the 3rd Annual Castle, Home & Garden Contest was Kasslina Moonglow of Outside The Box!

Her shop is located on the Alice in Wonderland sim, so her creations for the event reflect items found in the original story. My pictures can in no way do her justice, but if you have time today, stop by and check them out. The event runs until 6 pm SLT TONIGHT! (I know, last minute, but see above- its been a busy couple of weeks!)

OTB! Mad Hatter Table & Hooka_ 01 editThe Mad Hatter’s Table is highly detailed and includes the four chairs shown, a Mad Hatter chair, heart chair and two texture change chairs. The special Hookah on the table is available separately. (Cake and plate not included)

OTB! Mad Hatter Table & Hooka_002 editOTB! Mad Hatter Table & Hooka_004 edit

OTB! Mad Hatter Table & Hooka_003 edit OTB! Mad Hatter Table & Hooka_005 edit

If you are in the mood for something besides a Mad Hatter tea party, Kasslina has made a beautiful Wonderland Tent. Perfect for lounging both alone or with a friend. The Wonderland Tent is available in both PG and Adult versions.

OTB! Wonderland CHGC 2016_002 edit OTB! Wonderland CHGC 2016_003 edit OTB! Wonderland CHGC 2016_001 edit

Remember, time is limited! The 3rd Annual Castle, Home and Garden Contest ends today at 6 pm SLT!

OUTSIDE THE BOX (Temporary store, 3rd Annual Castle, Home & Garden Contest)