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I really am a horrible blogger these days.

Well, that’s not completely true. In recent weeks, I’ve been distracted from my personal blog here due to building and maintaining the website, blog, and social media for the 2016 Fashion For Life event to benefit Relay For Life of Second Life. It’s been a wild and intense ride at times the last couple of weeks as we finally saw all of our hardwork come to pass.

Fashion For Life 2016 officially closed less than a half hour ago, but in the last 2 weeks, March 6- 20, the event raised 1,648,335L$ which equals $6,593 usd. All going directly to the American Cancer Society. Woot!

Along with Fashion For Life, in case you haven’t heard- the 2016 Relay For Life of Second Life season kicked off on March 6 as well. It’s been a wild couple of weeks juggling events. I decided not to captain my own team this year, so have joined the Inspired Dreamwalkers as their social media/ website person (do you see a trend?)

So it’s been a whirl of team events, meetings and more added in with the mix of Fashion For Life and just logging in to Second Life for some downtime from Real Life.

In the last two weeks alone I’ve filled in as a DJ for a Fashion For Life entertainment set, been “jailed” on the charges of “playing hookie and being late for the event” (the event being a Jail & Bail team fundraiser), DJ’d a St. Patrick’s Day team party and DJ’d for the Ragtag Relayers team “Enchantment Under the Sea” party.

For the Under the Sea one, I got to shimmy into my mermaid outfit. I think one of the biggest perks about Second Life is that we can play dress up whenever we want to- and not just dress up as humans, there are so many options. It can be overwhelming, while lots of fun at the same time.

For my mermaid DJ-ing gig, I was designated a custom made clam shell to sit in! The event  was a success, everyone enjoyed themselves and had fun, while partying for a cause.

So now it’s off to bed. Tomorrow is Monday and I’m excited to see what new adventures it brings.

Til next time,
Sandie ❤

P.S. For more information about Fashoion For Life, Relay For Life of Second Life or the Inspired Dreamwalkers RFL of SL team, just click the included links. You can also make a secure donation, with an automatic tax receipt, to the team using a credit/ debit card or paypal. Just click here to learn more.

Mermaid Sandie @ Under the Sea Ragtag Event 3.19.2016_001

DJ Sandie at the Enchantment Under the Sea party, presented by the Ragtag Relay team and hosted by Core Charities.

P.P.S. Style card will be added later- I completely forgot to write it all down and don’t want to miss anyone! (Also, apologies for the poor quality picture- but you get the gist of it)