Fashion For Life in Support of Relay For Life of Second Life

Yesterday we had a great kick-off to the event and Relay For Life as a whole!  But it dawned on me that we didn’t have time to get our main SLurls posted here for entrance. I am so sorry for that. So, let’s start the morning off with just that and get you the correct access to the Fashion For Life sims!

Starting with the Entertainment and Special Events Sims. Here  you can find our daily entertainment and gacha garden. Also, you can find the photo contest building as well as the auction area that will be up as we go through the week.

Entertainment 1 :

Special Event 2:

Designer Sims:

Beatles Sim :

Moulin Rouge :

David Bowie Tribute:

Pin Up City :

Narnia :

Bladerunner :

The Vikings :

Enjoy your day of shopping !!!!

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