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Sundays start early for me. I DJ a weekly Lazy Sunday pajama party at 4 am SLT (which is 7 am EST for those not on the grid) at *Dreams* Dance Club.

So my Sundays are rarely “Easy” like the song that the Commodores sing. Especially when you hit the snooze button a couple of extra times…. and suddenly its 5 minutes before you are supposed to start and you haven’t logged in on anything- much less have your feet on the floor.

Needless to say, I have hit the ground running in 2016 with that kind of start this morning. Luckily, the internet gods were with me and everything logged in correctly the first time- a rare feat to be sure. But, thank goodness I get changed into my pajamas before I log off on Saturday nights.

Sunday Pajama party Jan 3 2016 @ Dreams_edit

Sandie & Rhi dancing in our jammies

There’s nothing like good music and good friends to help smooth out a rough start to a day!

Of course, things never go quite as easy as expected. When I got home after my set, it dawned on me I still had the radio tuned to Christmas music. So, I headed down to the tuner to switch the station and found this…..

Sunday Jan 3 @ Bull & Bush_cropped

A most unusual sight here at the Bull & Bush Club

It would seem that one of our neighbors had a bit too much fun for New Year’s! No one seemed to have been injured in the crash and once I got the car towed, the wall was no worse for wear. A testament to excellent craftsmanship!

I suppose I should get started on the rest of my day. The downside to Sundays- deciding what to change into from my jammies. Of course, that’s not to say that some Sundays I don’t just stay in my pajamas all day and still go to meetings, shopping and whatever else comes along in comfort (if not style!).

Sandie ♥


Sandie’s Style Card:
Pajamas & Slippers: Chilly Willy Jammies Set 1, *Plowwies* (Currently on sale for 10L at The Wash Bi-annual Cart Sale)Makeup:
Eyes, lips & blush: Tone Autumnal Smoke Ginger/ Matte Raisin, Ever An’ Angel (no longer available)
Manicure: Tone Rich Colours “Berry”, Tone by Ever An’ Angel (no logner available)
Hair: Essena, Truth (past group gift)
Eyes: Stargazer Green, *Amacci Hair* (KittyCats 2015 Advent Calendar gift)
Nails: Slink Enhancement Nails for System Hands, Slink
Skin: Eloh Eliot (no longer available)
Shape: my own
Windlight: [AnaLu] neutral