The weather here today continues to be wet and dreary, but oh so busy! My real life escapades kept me offline for most of the day. Though since Tuesday (and Wednesday) are usually server maintenance days for Linden Labs, it might not have been a bad thing to have been otherwise occupied and not annoyed that either I kept crashing upon log in or was too laggy to move.

However, my real life schedule did stay on track today, despite some best efforts by outside forces! And, for the first time in weeks I made it to my Tuesday late afternoon/ early evening set at the Full Throttle Saloon well ahead of time. I was so excited to be early (on-time) and have my music playlist more or less selected and ready to go.

That is until I crashed about 10 minutes into the set…. and continued to crash for almost an hour. On the bright side, I continued to stream for the entire 50 minutes it took for me to finish my “rainy days/ rainy nights” playlist.

Instead, I played the music- but I was simultaneously trying to log back into Second Life.

I was an avatar floating in the ether.

Locked there as a the music continued to play.

While for the next 45 minutes, I logged my avatar off and on repeatedly. . Tonight my nickname should have been bouncy. Since as soon as I would get my hopes up that I had made it back inworld, I got “bounced” back offline.

The piccadillos of feeling like an avatar without a home. Hoping that if I didn’t breath wrong, I could stay online for less than a a few seonds. Teasing me that THIS time would be different.

I really should have known better!

But that’s enough for tonight about crashing.

Good night readers, may your days be filled with promise and your nights filled with bliss.

Sandie ❤