Second Life Art Novice


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And I’m back again! I am not going to make promises or predictions, but there are some future posts brewing in the back of my mind that hopefully I will find time to share with you all.

But for now, on with the topic at hand. Art… specifically Second Life art and artists. In RL I do enjoy art, theater and live music, all of which is readily available in Second Life, but I’m still learning.

I am fairly new to the Second Life art scene. I have attended a few gallery events over the last year or so, but never really dug into it… but I’m getting there!

Last year I joined a new Relay For Life team, one that has a signature event each year which happens to be an annual art show & auction. These were the pieces that I won in the auction. The are by the same artist and while somewhat different in texture and lighting, they go together. They spoke to both me and my partner. Of course he recognized that the ship, titled “Bring Me The Horizon” was based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He was drawn to it and for me I fell in love with the lighthouse, titled “Lighthouse @ Black Basalt”. Together the pieces just fit.


Which brings me to this year. It is once again time for the Inspired Dreamwalkers 6th Annual Art Show & Auction. The theme for the 2017 Relay For Life of Second Life season is “Passport to Hope” so with that in mind we focused on setting the art show in Paris at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

The name of the event is “L’amour ‘a Paris Art Show & Auction” and runs Friday, June 9- Sunday, June 11. There are approximately 75 pieces of art on display that were donated for the auction which cover a wide variety of styles and themes. Additionally, there are a number of raffles for visitors to purchase tickets for.

Bids for the auction will be taken through Sunday, June 11 at 3pm. Winners will be notified to come pay the designated kiosk and then they will be passed the artwork they won.

Everyone is invited to come peruse the art on display. If something strikes your fancy. make a bid! Remember all proceeds will go directly to the American Cancer Society.

To visit, click here. When you land click the board next to the goats in the flowers for a direct teleport to the Eiffel Tower.



Destination Hope Hunt Begins!

Inspired Dreamwalkers Relay For Life of SL

Pack your bags, grab your passport and have a blast supporting Relay For Life with this fun travel hunt presented by the Inspired Dreamwalkers RFL team.

To begin your journey you will need to stop by the Inspired Dreamwalkers HQ located here. There you will grab your passport hud. As you travel across the grid you will visit some of the premiere designers in Second Life and search for gifts ranging from clothing and accessories for men and women, decor and more.

At each stop you will need to find the hidden hunt item. Each hunt prize costs 10L with all proceeds going directly to the American Cancer Society. You will also need to  wear your Passport HUD and touch the “Passport Hunt” post to get your passport stamped on your hud. Once you complete the hunt and have all of the stamps you will receive a special prize…

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Creatures of the Night


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As many of you know by now- it is Breast Cancer Awareness month – and here in Second Life the Blossoms of Hope Showcase is in full swing.

The Showcase features a number of top Second Life designers and all proceeds from the event go to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Second Life, an official event of the American Cancer Society.

One of the designers participating is Lunaria Eclipse and her partner Tremayne Barbosa, owners of .:: Unique Obsession ::.

In honor of the Halloween season, .:: Unique Obsession ::. has donated from the Undead Collection – Rot. As described by the creators:

They thought death was the end, the release from their less than extraordinary lives, free from the mundane and boring….

They were mistaken…

These poor unfortunate souls sadly didn’t get to stay dead. Reanimated, brought back to live, summoned, artificially animated, however you wish to describe it, they are back in the land of the living… willing.. or not… they are angry.. and they are hungry…

As a sponsor for MSABC, Unique Obsession would like to introduce its Undead Collection. These avatars, and accessories, come in 3 stages; Fresh Kill, Rot and Decay.   For MSABC we are making Rot available for this event and all sales of Rot will go to MSABC.

This full avatar includes:
*Body Shape x 2

Our avatars are perfect for any Halloween or scary setting, and for RP scenarios.

We hope you enjoy these avatars, and are carrying a bucket around when bits start to fall off ^^

uo-undead-collection-male-av-rot uo-undead-collection-female-av-rot


Female Zombie:
Complete avatar: [UO] Undead Collection Female AV – Rot, exclusive at the Blossoms of Hope Showcase, by Unique ObsessionHair: Leila- Halloween edition, by Alice Project

Male Zombie:
Complete avatar: [UO] Undead Collection Male AV – Rot, exclusive at the Blossoms of Hope Showcase, by Unique Obsession

Location: Haunted House at the Blossoms of Hope Showcase, built and designed by Pierce Designs/ Craze Companies

Windlight: Lunar Morning 7

Fairy Time!


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Petite Dancing_003One of the best things about Second Life is that you get to explore not only different worlds, but you can choose what form your avatar takes.

Ever so often we like to take a break from our human forms and explore the grid as petite fairies. This past week was one of those times and as usual, we had a wonderful time.

Take a chance while you enjoy Second Life… there’s nothing gained if you don’t venture past what you consider normal.


Sandie ♥


Male & Female Petite avatars available at +Fallen Gods Inc.+

Sandie is wearing:
Body – Petites+Fallen Gods Inc.+ Elves Tan with Elf ears Head and open Hands, +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Eyes – Petites+Fallen Gods Inc.+ Elves Sunkissed, green eyes, +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Make up – Spirit (FR), //Starter Makeups HUD 1.2// Petite Elves +FGInc., +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Hair – Lemon Tea, /Wasabi Pills/ Anais Petite Mesh Hair- Blonds Pack, /Wasabi Pills/ Marketplace Store
Outfit – Black Tied Top & Skirt <YABUSAKA>, She-Wolf Designs Marketplace Store
Shoes – Noir, Posh Petites Mesh Glitter Ballet Slipper, Poshinista Marketplace Store Wings – Black/White, Petite Fairy Wings Pack #2 W/ On- Off Flap, Diamrem Ryba’s Shop Marketplace

Photo location: Zathyra- Spirit of Dreams sim (must be 18 or older to visit the sim)

The Day After


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I love Relay For Life, just as I love all the reasons (people!) I relay for.

But being part of a 24-hour long event is rough for us non-night owl folks! This is how I felt last night when I finally went to bed: Day after Relay_001

I didn’t quite make it staying awake for the entire event- I snuck in what was supposed to be a 45 minute nap that turned into 2 hours- but I was there for most of it.

After 10 and half hours of sleep I was feeling much better, but since I didn’t have any where I HAD to be today, we opted to lounge around in our pajamas all day and watch the rain. Day after Relay_003

A very relaxing way to wind down after a super busy weekend in the virtual world of Second Life.

Of course, there is still a campsite to tear down and clean up, as well as a million other odds and ends as we reach the end of the 2016 season of Relay For Life of Second Life. But, this girl needed to take a bit of a break for today and just relax and reflect.

I hope wherever you are reading this, that you get that time as well. We all get so busy in both our real lives and online lives that even when we think we are having downtime it turns into something more.

However, that is the beauty of life- in all worlds- we can take our passions and allow ourselves to be swept away. So much so we forget that its work, it is our calling.

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.

Til next time,
Sandie ♥

What Sandie is wearing:
Pajamas: Sleepy PJ’s “Flutter” by Peponi’s
Hands & Feet: SLink
Mani & Pedi: Mauve, Tone Omni Mani & Pedi by Ever An’ Angel (no longer available)Hair: Elle – Latte by TRUTH
Lips: Tone – 2014 Lip Bloom – Peony by Ever An’ Angel (no longer available)
Eyes: Tone – Horizons – Eyes – Bali by Ever An’ Angel (no longer available)

Picture #1 pose- “Gimme Back My Hour” Pose #2, Gotcha Machine from {NanTra} Poses

The Inspired Dreamwalkers Relay Campsite: Our Stories of Love — Inspired Dreamwalkers Relay For Life of SL


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✰ ✰ INSPIRED DREAMWALKERS ✰ ✰ 2016 is the Inspired Dreamwalkers’ 6th year participating in SL’s Relay for Life campaign. We’re so excited to welcome you into the fold. Cancer is an insidious disease that tears through patients, as well as their families and friends. However, it does not always have to end in tears. […]

via The Inspired Dreamwalkers Relay Campsite: Our Stories of Love — Inspired Dreamwalkers Relay For Life of SL

Boxes, Boxes… Oh Look, More Boxes!


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Moving-RL_001editI have finally… HOPEFULLY…. made my last trip moving boxes and stuff for my Real Life move.


It doesn’t seem to matter how much you plan and prepare, there is always something you forgot about or just one (or two, or three) more things that have to be done. In my case, this move was decided on the last week of January- 5 whole months ago. I made my last trip with both a truck (SUV) and trailer full of stuff on June 30.

I don’t think there is ever a good time to move, especially if you despise moving. Real life moves require taking care of all of those pesky little details- like utilities, looking for a new job, the condition of the house you are moving to…

Moving-RL_002editAnd, if like me you are moving into a house you have inherited- that is still full of 2 other housefuls of furniture and STUFF- there is the added logistics of WHERE to put your own boxes, furniture and other stuff. You see, after much soul-searching and weighing of the pros & cons, I decided to move into my late mother’s house. She passed away in October 2014 from complications due to lung cancer. She is one of the main reasons I am so passionate about being a volunteer for Relay For Life of Second Life. I relay in her memory. Moving-RL_005edit

But, in the months since she passed away, her house has not been lived in, well not by humans. We’ve found remnants of birds and evidence of other four-legged creatures, not always pleasant surprises to say the least. Real life houses are different from ones in Second Life. Real life houses want to be lived in and loved. They deteriorate when empty.

Which leads me to where I am now. Living in a sea of boxes, looking for gainful employment (one plus for the move is that the job market here is much better than the small town I have lived in the past 10 yrs) and trying to not get overwhelmed by the ever- growing list of repairs needed for the house- like the new hole in my bedroom floor we had to do an emergency patch on last night after the dogs (also inherited from my late mother, so they know where all the vulnerable spots are in the yard and house) burrowed in from under the house (crawl space) to get away from the fireworks being set off around the neighborhood. Moving-RL_003edit

The transition from tenant to home owner is going to be an adventure to say the least.

The last two weeks of the Big Move are more blur than not. The 2016 Relay season is rapidly coming to its grand finale. I’ve been so focused on moving, it seems like we should still be at the beginning of the season instead of here at the end. But still I have relayed and helped raise money to fund a cure- so others can enjoy longer time with their own mothers…. and fathers… sisters… brothers… husbands… friends… loved ones.

Til then, back to trying to find the box with my slow cooker in it… I need to figure out what we are going to have for supper!Moving-RL_007edit

~ Sandie ♥





P.S. I have a few more days to try to reach my personal fundraising goal for this year’s Relay season. If you would like to help me, you can make a tax deductible donation here– and I would be most appreciative. __________________________________________________________
What Sandie is wearing:

Outfit: Ever An’ Angel Elements MESH shorts & top, Ever An’ Angel
Make up: Tone – Mixes Message 6, Ever An’ Angel
Mani/Pedi: [LB Tranquility White] Omni Set, La Boheme, currently on sale at the Cart Sale @ the Wash.
Hair: Georgia, TRUTH Hair
Eyes: [LB Midtones Set 2] Hazel, La Boheme, currently on sale at the Cart Sale @ the Wash.
Skin: Liv- Rose (tan bundle), REDGRAVE Skins & Fashions
Hands/ Feet: SLink, casual/ flat, SLink
Poses: Moving Day gatcha, NanTra Poses Mainstore
Location: Private