Lacing Up to Make Strides


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Yes, your lackadaisical blogger returns once again!

I had thought to share my ups and downs as I went through chemo and then radiation these past few months, but on the good days I didn’t really want to dwell on it and the bad days you wouldn’t want to read about. I noticed that my last blog post 6 months ago was on the day of my very first chemo treatment.

Now, all of the chemo rounds are behind me as well as radiation. My body is slowly starting to heal itself. And, even better news, my port will be removed this coming Monday. Sadly, or maybe not so sadly, it is time for our relationship to end and us go our separate ways. C’est la vie!

So now jumping forward to October, we are smack in the midst of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer season in both our every day world and the virtual world of Second Life.

This is the 11th season for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer across Second Life campaign and the annual Strides Walk-a-Thon is fast approaching on Saturday, October 20 from 10am – 6pm SLT.

There is still time to register as a walker that day or if you are unable to come join us on the track, please consider sponsoring a walker (or two, three..).

I am walking in honor of my grandmother who was a 21 year breast cancer survivor. I also walk in honor of my aunt a 10 year breast cancer survivor and my RL mother-in-law an 11 year breast cancer survivor and in memory of my maternal great-grandmother, my maternal great-aunt and my paternal great, great grandmother who were all lost to breast cancer.

As you can see in the photo above, Rocky and I decided to get in some practice laps ahead of time tonight. And, since I can trip on air (even in Second Life), he is making sure my shoe laces are tied up properly.

For our workout tonight we opted to wear the MSABC Exercise Suits that were created by Amethyst Starostin of *Fire Within* and are available now during the Out Shop Cancer Shopping Event in support of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. All proceeds for these full outfits go to the American Cancer Society.

I am also trying out a new, shorter hairstyle! This is Fleur by Dolphin Ayres of .EscalateD. Dolphin has generously places all color packs of this style including the fat pack and mini packs on sale during the Out Shop Cancer Shopping Event with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society as well.

If you are interested in signing up to walk in the 2018 Strides Walk-a-thon, you can register here.
If you would like to sponsor a walker for the 2018 Strides Walk-a-thon, you can make your pledge here.
For more information about the Out Shop Cancer Shopping event going on now through October 31, you can view the online shopping guide here.

Out Shop Cancer ad for *Fire Within*

Out Shop Cancer ad for .EscalateD.


Sandie is wearing:
Hair – .EscalateD. Fleur (Out Shop Cancer Shopping Event)
Outfit –  *Fire Within*  Women’s MSABC Exercise Suit (Out Shop Cancer Shopping Event)
Body – Slink Physique
Skin – Lure Rebecca
Make-up & Nails – Ever An’ Angel Tone (no longer available)

Rocky is wearing:
Outfit –  *Fire Within* Men’s MSABC Exercise Suit (Out Shop Cancer Shopping Event)
Body – Signature Gianni
Skin – Lure Cain
Hair – .:EMO-tions:. Lesley

Pose – [DB]Poses Little Breaks
Sim – American Cancer Society


Next Steps


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Well, it’s finally time for the next phase on this journey, but first I want to thank each of you who took the time to read my first post about this new cancer adventure I am on. This is mostly a platform for me to process what all is going on, but to have the support and friendship of so many also makes it easier.

I have been mulling over this post for a couple of weeks, so it will most likely hop around – which is how my attention span has been at times and I can’t even blame the treatments yet!

Good news, my PET scan came back clean so I am only having to deal with the current diagnosis, yay! Starting the chemotherapy treatments was delayed by a couple of weeks though to let the port incision heal more after I developed cellulitis at the site. For the first week it was touch and go on whether it would heal or open back up, luckily it is almost completely healed, double yay! The power port stays!

These last two weeks have been busy trying to prep for the beginning of chemo and how it will affect me after each treatment. Last week there was a chemo class to go over the process of when I go in for the appointment, the medicines and what they are supposed to help (in addition to the chemo meds), side effects, things to watch out for and how to cope in between treatments.

We went shopping for the things to have on hand to help with the side effects, like mouthwash, toothbrushes, painrelievers, but then yesterday I start thinking about what types of snacks to have on hand while I am there. Snacks aren’t easy when you’ve cut out a lot of junk/ processed food, but I’ve come up with some easy choices- and I’m giving myself grace if I do eat a bit of junk food here and there.

Aside from all of you who offered support in comments from the last post, I can not forget the ACS Cancer Survivors group in Second Life. From whining about how to adjust to the port to questions about medicines and dealing with insurance that group is always there with an ear and a shoulder. For that I am forever grateful. And as a wise person told me, if I do get sick from the chemotherapy that means it is killing the cancer. Always a positive!

Speaking of staying positive, managing stress and anxiety has been a challenge going through all of this. One trick I used years ago when my stress levels at work would raise higher than listening to music could counteract I would grab the little bottle of bubbles I kept on my desk and sit and blow them. If my co-workers saw the bubbles, they took it as a sign that things weren’t good and left me alone to work through it- well alone for a bit, they were good friends as well as co-workers so they would offer their support to help minimize the stress in any ways they could.

Leaving you all with a song as I head out for a busy day of treatment! See you all soon!

Sandie ♥



Survivor Story Re-set


Hi all!

I just wanted to share with you all my story. As some may know, I was diagnosed with cervical pre-cancer about ten years ago. I had it removed just as it was starting to stage and have been cancer free for 9.5 year…. until December 2017 when following a hysterectomy they found I had had a couple of endometrial tumors which were cancer. It was lucky for me that the tumors were found. So often most female reproductive cancers go undetected because the symptoms can be mistaken for other things and there are no conclusive tests that show just these cancers.

The tumors that I had were at Stage 1a which for most endometrial cancers means that they have not spread outside the uterine wall. However, the larger of the two tumors I had consisted of 70% serous component. This means there is a small chance the cancer could have spread to the lymph nodes.

The protocol for this type of cancer is chemo and radiation because there is a high risk of recurrence. As of right now, when my chemo begins I will have 6 rounds spaced 3 weeks apart. Once the chemo is completed I will then have radiation.

With endometrial cancer there is a risk of secondary cancers developing later which include breast cancer and colon cancer.

Fast forward 13 weeks to March 14 with me having my port put in. The next week was the PET scan and then my chemo will begin most likely around the first of April.

So far one of the hardest things I have done is to actually call the American Cancer Society with questions of my own. It is much different knowing and passing that 1-800 number to others and calling it yourself.

But because I called I was able to get some information to help me with finding the right doctor. I am also already registered for the Look Good Feel Better program should I need help coping with hair loss and skin changes during chemo.

And because of the work we do sharing the information about the services provided by the American Cancer Society to help people like me and the money we raise to fund these programs and services- like Look Good Feel Better – are why I Relay.

Sandie Slate (Sandie Loxingly)
Cancer Survivor

P.S. If you’d like to make a monetary donation to the American Cancer Society, here’s a link to my Relayer page. 🙂


Second Life Art Novice


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And I’m back again! I am not going to make promises or predictions, but there are some future posts brewing in the back of my mind that hopefully I will find time to share with you all.

But for now, on with the topic at hand. Art… specifically Second Life art and artists. In RL I do enjoy art, theater and live music, all of which is readily available in Second Life, but I’m still learning.

I am fairly new to the Second Life art scene. I have attended a few gallery events over the last year or so, but never really dug into it… but I’m getting there!

Last year I joined a new Relay For Life team, one that has a signature event each year which happens to be an annual art show & auction. These were the pieces that I won in the auction. The are by the same artist and while somewhat different in texture and lighting, they go together. They spoke to both me and my partner. Of course he recognized that the ship, titled “Bring Me The Horizon” was based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He was drawn to it and for me I fell in love with the lighthouse, titled “Lighthouse @ Black Basalt”. Together the pieces just fit.


Which brings me to this year. It is once again time for the Inspired Dreamwalkers 6th Annual Art Show & Auction. The theme for the 2017 Relay For Life of Second Life season is “Passport to Hope” so with that in mind we focused on setting the art show in Paris at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

The name of the event is “L’amour ‘a Paris Art Show & Auction” and runs Friday, June 9- Sunday, June 11. There are approximately 75 pieces of art on display that were donated for the auction which cover a wide variety of styles and themes. Additionally, there are a number of raffles for visitors to purchase tickets for.

Bids for the auction will be taken through Sunday, June 11 at 3pm. Winners will be notified to come pay the designated kiosk and then they will be passed the artwork they won.

Everyone is invited to come peruse the art on display. If something strikes your fancy. make a bid! Remember all proceeds will go directly to the American Cancer Society.

To visit, click here. When you land click the board next to the goats in the flowers for a direct teleport to the Eiffel Tower.


Destination Hope Hunt Begins!

Inspired Dreamwalkers Relay For Life of SL

Pack your bags, grab your passport and have a blast supporting Relay For Life with this fun travel hunt presented by the Inspired Dreamwalkers RFL team.

To begin your journey you will need to stop by the Inspired Dreamwalkers HQ located here. There you will grab your passport hud. As you travel across the grid you will visit some of the premiere designers in Second Life and search for gifts ranging from clothing and accessories for men and women, decor and more.

At each stop you will need to find the hidden hunt item. Each hunt prize costs 10L with all proceeds going directly to the American Cancer Society. You will also need to  wear your Passport HUD and touch the “Passport Hunt” post to get your passport stamped on your hud. Once you complete the hunt and have all of the stamps you will receive a special prize…

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Creatures of the Night


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As many of you know by now- it is Breast Cancer Awareness month – and here in Second Life the Blossoms of Hope Showcase is in full swing.

The Showcase features a number of top Second Life designers and all proceeds from the event go to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Second Life, an official event of the American Cancer Society.

One of the designers participating is Lunaria Eclipse and her partner Tremayne Barbosa, owners of .:: Unique Obsession ::.

In honor of the Halloween season, .:: Unique Obsession ::. has donated from the Undead Collection – Rot. As described by the creators:

They thought death was the end, the release from their less than extraordinary lives, free from the mundane and boring….

They were mistaken…

These poor unfortunate souls sadly didn’t get to stay dead. Reanimated, brought back to live, summoned, artificially animated, however you wish to describe it, they are back in the land of the living… willing.. or not… they are angry.. and they are hungry…

As a sponsor for MSABC, Unique Obsession would like to introduce its Undead Collection. These avatars, and accessories, come in 3 stages; Fresh Kill, Rot and Decay.   For MSABC we are making Rot available for this event and all sales of Rot will go to MSABC.

This full avatar includes:
*Body Shape x 2

Our avatars are perfect for any Halloween or scary setting, and for RP scenarios.

We hope you enjoy these avatars, and are carrying a bucket around when bits start to fall off ^^

uo-undead-collection-male-av-rot uo-undead-collection-female-av-rot


Female Zombie:
Complete avatar: [UO] Undead Collection Female AV – Rot, exclusive at the Blossoms of Hope Showcase, by Unique ObsessionHair: Leila- Halloween edition, by Alice Project

Male Zombie:
Complete avatar: [UO] Undead Collection Male AV – Rot, exclusive at the Blossoms of Hope Showcase, by Unique Obsession

Location: Haunted House at the Blossoms of Hope Showcase, built and designed by Pierce Designs/ Craze Companies

Windlight: Lunar Morning 7

Fairy Time!


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Petite Dancing_003One of the best things about Second Life is that you get to explore not only different worlds, but you can choose what form your avatar takes.

Ever so often we like to take a break from our human forms and explore the grid as petite fairies. This past week was one of those times and as usual, we had a wonderful time.

Take a chance while you enjoy Second Life… there’s nothing gained if you don’t venture past what you consider normal.


Sandie ♥


Male & Female Petite avatars available at +Fallen Gods Inc.+

Sandie is wearing:
Body – Petites+Fallen Gods Inc.+ Elves Tan with Elf ears Head and open Hands, +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Eyes – Petites+Fallen Gods Inc.+ Elves Sunkissed, green eyes, +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Make up – Spirit (FR), //Starter Makeups HUD 1.2// Petite Elves +FGInc., +Fallen Gods Inc.+
Hair – Lemon Tea, /Wasabi Pills/ Anais Petite Mesh Hair- Blonds Pack, /Wasabi Pills/ Marketplace Store
Outfit – Black Tied Top & Skirt <YABUSAKA>, She-Wolf Designs Marketplace Store
Shoes – Noir, Posh Petites Mesh Glitter Ballet Slipper, Poshinista Marketplace Store Wings – Black/White, Petite Fairy Wings Pack #2 W/ On- Off Flap, Diamrem Ryba’s Shop Marketplace

Photo location: Zathyra- Spirit of Dreams sim (must be 18 or older to visit the sim)